GLP Highlander 1.400W Washlight


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Inclusive case black for purchase of 2 devices. Only sold as set of 2.  The price is... more
Product information "GLP Highlander 1.400W Washlight"
  • Inclusive case black for purchase of 2 devices.
  • Only sold as set of 2. 
  • The price is per unit.

      Technical data:

  • The HIGHLANDER Wash from GLP is a singular fixture that brings a new level of high performance, high output and high quality from a compact discharge source fixture with a superior optical system.
  • Using a 1,400 Watt lamp and outputting through a large 230 mm (9 inch) front lens, the GLP HIGHLANDER Wash delivers a truly massive light output, without ever sacrificing quality. 
  • With a native color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin, the HIGHLANDER Wash's optics have CRI, CQS and TM-30 quality indices all measuring 90 and above
  • The HIGHLANDER Wash’s high output optical system features a 7 to 1 ratio zoom with a range from a tight 5 degrees, out to 44 degrees beam and 10 to 63 degrees field angle.
  • Beam control is available through an independent and snappy motorized iris, but also through a full feature framing system. 
  • This framing system gives 4 blade control with each blade being able to tilt on its axis and cross the entire beam like a curtain. 
  • With separate control over each blade, the beam can be controlled down to the finest detail, and recalled in an instant. 
  • The entire beam framing system can also be rotated through a 90 degree range for optimum control.
  • A glass, dichroic based cyan, magenta, yellow color system gives a full color pallet from the softest pastel shades to full saturation, and anything in between. 
  • This is supported by two separately controlled color wheels, each with 7 color positions plus open. The whole color output can also be temperature control anywhere from 2,700 to 6,000 Kelvin using a further separate dichroic based CTO system.
  • All combined, this gives the GLP HIGHLANDER Wash a comprehensive color range adaptable to any color temperature environment that it gets placed in.
  • Additional control features of the HIGHLANDER Wash include smooth dimming with multiple user-selectable curves, separate shutter control with built in macros, fast 16 bit pan and tilt movement and an ECO operating mode.
  • The GLP HIGHLANDER Wash is designed with a compact, baseless design that allows the unit to be hung in any orientation. Power is connected via Neutrik True1, whilst data is connected via 5 pin XLR or Ethernet, with DMX, Art-NET or sACN as available control options.
  • The HIGHLANDER Wash runs flicker free and has numerous additional convenience features including a battery powered control system for addressing and configuration without mains power; an auto sensing power supply; 4 carrying handles and a comprehensive set of rigging options. 
  • This, combined with its low weight of just 29.5 kg (65 lbs.), make the GLP HIGHLANDER Wash a truly versatile workhorse.
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properties "GLP Highlander 1.400W Washlight"
Construction year: 2020
Electrical: 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Protection class: IP20
Power Consumtion Watt: 1400
Technology: Discharge
Availability: upon agreement
Weight net in kg: 29,6 Kg
Packaging Unit: 2
Accessories: 1x Power Cord, 2x Omega Brackets
Condition: very good
Packing dimensions: 144*60*81