SGM G-Profile Turbo

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Produktinformationen "SGM G-Profile Turbo"
  • Inklusive Case schwarz.
  • Der Preis ist pro Gerät.
  • The G-Profile Turbo is a high-brightness LED moving head based on an optimized additive color mixing to match the highest demands of color rendering and total output.Its framing system allows the G-Profile Turbo to perform beam-shaping images and projections via four individually controllable blades with module rotation. The integrated dehumidifier ensures perfect inner cleanness of the luminaire.G-Profile Turbo is the perfect solution for those who need a powerful LED profile moving head with good chromaticity levels and an outstanding performance in different shades of white.

  • IP65 RLB LED light source (Red, Lime, Blue)
  • lumen and 8° to 43° zoom range
  • 4-blade rotatory framing module, 1 rotatory gobo wheel, FX wheel, 4-facet prism, and ultra-high-speed strobe 
  • Extended color palette with warmer colors and richer green hues
  • 2000K - 10000K CTC control, no hotspots
  • Linear frost and smooth iris feature
  • Practically maintenance-free and silent performance
  • Flicker-free / programmable scenes / DMX, RDM, and wireless control
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Eigenschaften "SGM G-Profile Turbo"
Baujahr: 2018
Elektrisch: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
IP Rating: IP65
Leistungsklasse Watt: 1150
Technologie: LED
Verfügbarkeit: Nach Absprache
Gewicht (netto): 52 Kg
Verpackungseinheit: 1
Zubehör: 1x Netzkabel, 2x Omega Brackets
Zustand: Sehr Gut
Verpackungsmaße: 81*60*88