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LLT Powerstation 63A LLT Powerstation 63A
Powerstation 63A >18CH 16Amp > 8x HAN16 Hotpatch
LLT 8-CH Motorcontroller LLT 8-CH Motorcontroller
Scope of delivery: 1x LLT motor control 8CH 1x LLT MC8 manual controller for motor control 8 channel Power supply 32A/ 400V Output 02x Harting 16 pol 2x end plugs Rack black included.
LLT 32-CH Motorcontroller LLT 32-CH Motorcontroller
Scope of delivery: 4x LLT 8 channel motor controller ( up to 6,3A contactor ) 50/ 60 Hz 1x STV 125A IN -> 4x32A 1x 32 channel control panel 1x manual control with Go/Not Off 1x desk lamp 2x end plug 6pol 1x end plug 5pol manual control...